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Focus on electron microscopic studies based on improved sample preparation.

  • Transmission electron microscopy of animal-and plant tissues based on accelerated fixation by microwave exposure, plunge-and high-pressure freezing.
  • Exploration of advantages of the accelerated automatic freeze substitution for studies of instantly cryofixed samples.
  • Development of novel agitation modules for freeze substitution.
  • Generation of ultrastructural  insights for cryoimmobilized model organisms:

i)                    Artemia fraciscana (eggs, reproductive organs, etc.)

ii)                   Moss  Physcomitrella patens under heavy metal exposure.



Publication downloads

Reipert et al. (2009). Cell Biol Int. 33(2): 217-23

Reipert et al. (2010). PMC Biophysics, 3:13

Reipert and Kiseleva (2012)

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