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Sebastian Samwald


Research activities

Bachelor thesis:
UV-light stress - NBT-analysis with the moss Physcomitrella patens

Ultraviolet light (UV-light) is a natural part of sunlight. It is a destructive force for every living organism that has no adaptive strategies for protection. The resulting stress level is indirectly proportional to the adaptation of the organism. We customized a Nitro blue tetrazolium chloride (NBT) staining method to quantify the different levels of stress taking into account varying wavelengths, intensity and timespan of UV-illumination. The model moss Physcomitrella patens Hedw. (syn. Aphanoregma patens) (Ahrens and Nebel 2000) was stressed and labelled to quantify the color intensity of the blue NBT-complex. During this work, we found several variables in the setup of the method that have to be considered for large scale experiments. We could show that the method itself works well once the sources of errors and outliners are considered.


High-Resolution Imaging at Video Rate with UV Light - Imaging Finest Structures of Cells Using UV Microscopy

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