Ecological aspects of heavy metal stress in bryophytes

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  • Katharina Petschinger (current)
    Master thesis: Are good biomonitoring properties defined by the cell shape in bryophytes?

  • Georg Clemens Oswald (current)
    Master thesis: Moss biomonitoring species – how to tolerate metals and acidic rain?

  • Lisa Fülöp (current)
    Master thesis: Localisation of secondary metabolites in lichens using fluorescence microscopy

  • Melanie Schöffmann (current)
    Master thesis: Sugar or salt? – Differences in tolerance levels of different moss species

  • Desiree Wenninger (current)
    Master thesis: Tolerance tests in different moss species towards lichen secondary metabolites

  • RNDr. Mgr. Michal Goga (2017)
    Secondary metabolites of lichens and their potential role in UV protection and allelopathy. PhD ThesisSupervisor Wolfram Weckwerth, co-supervisor Ingeborg Lang