Our mission

Our microscopy facility, integral part of the Faculty of Life Sciences, comprises advanced video, light and electron microscopy combined with atomic element analysis, as well as means for documentation of biological topics by photography and scientific videography.



We elucidate structures of various degrees of complexity which will thereby contribute to a better understanding of function, ontogenetic and physiologic processes, as well as phylogenetic relationships. This includes widespread cooperation with other research institutions in Austria and abroad.


We teach and train students in light-and electron microscopic techniques and we supervise Bachelor and Master Students with a sound interest in structural/ functional relationship.

Assistance/ Support

We assist our customers with technical equipment and expert guidance in order for them to obtain the maximum benefit to execute their research projects. Besides of members of faculty and the university, we welcome customers from other educational and research institutions and from the industry.



When using our equipment, please insert this text in the acknowledgement of your publications:

“Microscopy (to be specified if necessary) was performed at the Core Facility Cell Imaging and Ultrastructure Research, University of Vienna - member of the Vienna Life-Science Instruments (VLSI).”


You are invited to join here or let me know and I'll set up your account. 

New Confocal Microscope! Please contact us if interested


Leica Stellaris5 (DMi8 CS) inverted research microscope with fully motorized stage
TauSense: allows using fluorescence lifetime information
Pulsed white light laser: 485 - 685 nm
Laser lines: 405, 448, 488, 514, 561, 638 nm
Software: LAS X Stellaris incl. Tau Sense, Lightning and Navigator 

We welcome our new colleague


We are happy to introduce Sabine Dürr. She will be joining our imaging team in February 2024 to contribute her expertise in light and electron microscopy.
Her previous work includes conducting correlative TEM/NanoSIMS analyses on vertebrate tissue, as well as performing ultrastructural research on carnivorous plants. In these roles, she developed advanced cryo- and conventional preparation routines and contrast enhancement methods for electron microscopy.

ASEM Workshop 2024 / Fritz-Grasenick-Preis 2024


The 14th ASEM Workshop 2024 takes place on February 23, 2024 at the Medical University of Graz.

Registration and abstract submission under https://asem.at/14th-asem-workshop-advanced-microscopy/.

As every year, ASEM awards young scientists publications with 1500 € in the course of the Fritz Grasenick Preis 2024. Submission information can be obtained here.

Retirement of Dr. Siegfried Reipert

September 2023

We are saying good bye to our valued colleague! Happy to have had you in our group! We’ll miss your experience and your passionate pleas about the meaningfulness of structures of all kinds.

All the best for your retirement. Take the time to treat yourself to the beautiful things in life whenever it suits you. 

Thank you, Siegfried!
The CIUS-Team