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Core Facility Cell Imaging and Ultrastructure Research

Our microscopy facility, integral part of the Faculty of Life Sciences, comprises advanced video, light and electron microscopy combined with atomic element analysis, as well as means for documentation of biological topics by photography and scientific videography.



We elucidate structures of various degrees of complexity which will thereby contribute to a better understanding of function, ontogenetic and physiologic processes, as well as phylogenetic relationships. This includes widespread cooperation with other research institutions in Austria and abroad.


We teach and train students in light-and electron microscopic techniques and we supervise Bachelor and Master Students with a sound interest in structural/ functional relationship.

Assistance/ Support

We assist our customers with technical equipment and expert guidance in order for them to obtain the maximum benefit to execute their research projects. Besides of members of faculty and the university, we welcome customers from other educational and research institutions and from the industry.


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New article online
Strontium in the environment: Review about reactions of plants towards stable and radioactive strontium isotopes

Anna Burger, Irene Lichtscheidl, 2019


New grant accepted !
Influence of atmospheric zinc deposition on different genotypes of the moss Atrichum undulatum

Scientific & Technological Cooperation between Austria and Serbia
Ingeborg Lang (AUT) and Marko Sabovljevic (SRB)
Duration of project: 01.07.2018 - 30.06.2020 


Freeze Substitution of Cells and Tissues: Faster and Better

Diverse application of magnetc-force driven agitation modules for accelerated freeze substitution, published by Reipert et al.

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