Dr. Irene Lichtscheidl-Schultz

Univ. Professor
Head of CIUS 
TECHNIQUES: Light Microscopy
RESEARCH:     Botany and Environmental Cell Biology
+43-1-4277-579 20
+43-664-432 55 44
Curriculum vitae and publications

Dr. Siegfried Reipert

Assistant Professor
Deputy Head of CIUS and Head of Electron Microscopy
TECHNIQUES: Transmission EM and sample preparation, cryo techniques, immunogold labeling
RESEARCH:     Structural cell biology
Curriculum vitae, research interests and publications

Mag. Daniela Gruber

Lab Technician, Lecturer
TECHNIQUES: Scanning EM and sample preparation, EDX, Lab safety instructions
+43-1-4277-579 01
Curriculum vitae and publications

Dr. Norbert Cyran

Technician, Lecturer
TECHNIQUES: Transmission EM and sample preparation, EELS
RESEARCH:     Cell biology, Gland physiology, Programmed cell death
Curriculum vitae and publications

Dr. Brigitte Schmidt

Office hours: Tu 9-17, Th 9-17, Fr 12-16 (part time)
Technician, Administration, Lecturer
TECHNIQUES: Scientific documentation
Curriculum vitae and publications

Lecturers and Associates

WOR Dr. Marieluise Weidinger

Senior scientist
Curriculum vitae and publications

Mag. Dr. Ingeborg Lang

Ao. Univ. Professor, Privatdozentin
TECHNIQUES: Light Microscopy, Fluorescence Microscpy, Confocal LSM
RESEARCH:     Structural and functional plant cell biology
Curriculum vitae and publications

Mag. Dr. Wolfram Adlassnig, MBA

Curriculum vitae and publications

Dipl.-Biol. Dr. Janek von Byern

Senior associate scientist
RESEARCH: Biological adhesives, Gland physiology

Margret Eckhard Msc

Associate scientist

RNDr. Michal Goga, PhD.

Associate Scientist
Curriculum vitae and publications

Helmuth Goldammer

Lecturer, Technical Advisor
Research activities 

Ao. Univ.-Prof. i. R. Dr. Waltraud Klepal

Lecturer, mentor and scientific advisor
Curriculum vitae and publications

MMag. Dr. Marianne Koller-Peroutka

Curriculum vitae and publications

Mag. Dr. Josef Lichtscheidl

+43-664-464 56 80

Stephan Manhalter Msc.


Mag. Anselm Pavlik


Phone numbers of rooms

Rooms at Cell Imaging Lab

Room 1394 (Guests, Social room): +43-1-4277-57926

Room 1400 (Printer room): +43-1-4277-57927

Room 1403 (Chemistry Lab): +43-1-4277-57930

Room 1404/1405 (Soil Lab): +43-1-4277-57931

Room 1406 (Microscopy 1): +43-1-4277-57932

Room 1407 (Microscopy 2): +43-1-4277-57933

Room 1413 (Confocal 1): +43-1-4277-57935

Room 1412 (Confocal 2): +43-1-4277-57936

Room 1435 (Audio-visual equipment): +43-1-4277-57934

Rooms at Electron Microscopy Lab


Room 1044 (Corridor, central phone): +43-1-4277-57908

Room 1031 (Layout room): +43-1-4277-57909

Room 1045 (REM Philips XL30): +43-1-4277-57911

Room 1039 (TEM Zeiss 902): +43-1-4277-57912

Room 1040 (REM JEOL IT 300): +43-1-4277-57913

Room 1037 (TEM Libra 120): +43-1-4277-57914

Room 1010 (Cryofixation lab): +43-1-4277-57915