Dr. Siegfried Reipert

Assistant Professor
Head of CIUS 
TECHNIQUES: Transmission EM and sample preparation, cryo techniques, immunogold labeling
RESEARCH:     Structural cell biology
Curriculum vitae, research interests and publications

Mag. Daniela Gruber

Lab Technician, Lecturer
Deputy Head of CIUS
TECHNIQUES: Scanning EM and sample preparation, EDX, Lab safety instructions
+43-1-4277-579 01

Dr. Norbert Cyran

Technician, Lecturer
TECHNIQUES: Transmission EM and sample preparation, EELS
RESEARCH:     Cell biology, Gland physiology, Programmed cell death

Dr. Brigitte Schmidt

Office hours: Tu 9-17, Th 9-17, Fr 12-16 (part time)
Technician, Administration, Lecturer
TECHNIQUES: Scientific documentation
Curriculum vitae and publications

Lecturers and Associates

Dr. Irene Lichtscheidl-Schultz

Univ. Professor
Senior scientist and advisor
TECHNIQUES: Light Microscopy
RESEARCH:     Botany and Environmental Cell Biology
+43-1-4277-579 20
+43-664-432 55 44
Curriculum vitae and publications

WOR Dr. Marieluise Weidinger

Senior scientist
Curriculum vitae and publications

Mag. Dr. Ingeborg Lang

Ao. Univ. Professor, Privatdozentin
TECHNIQUES: Light MicroscopyFluorescence MicroscpyConfocal LSM
RESEARCH:     Structural and functional plant cell biology


Mag. Dr. Wolfram Adlassnig, MBA

Curriculum vitae and publications

Dipl.-Biol. Dr. Janek von Byern

Senior associate scientist
RESEARCH: Biological adhesives, Gland physiology

Margret Eckhard Msc

Associate scientist

RNDr. Michal Goga, PhD.

Associate Scientist
Curriculum vitae and publications

Helmuth Goldammer

Lecturer, Technical Advisor
Research activities 

Ao. Univ.-Prof. i. R. Dr. Waltraud Klepal

Lecturer, mentor and scientific advisor
Curriculum vitae and publications
Biographie bedeutender österreichischer Wissenschafterinnen

MMag. Dr. Marianne Koller-Peroutka

Curriculum vitae and publications

Mag. Dr. Josef Lichtscheidl

+43-664-464 56 80

Stephan Manhalter Msc.


Mag. Anselm Pavlik


emer. o. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Walter G. Url

Former Head of the Department of Cell Physiology and Scientific Film
Lab +43-1-4277-57920
Laudatio: Bernd Lötsch about Walter Url (audio stream in German) 
Staatspreis (1986, überreicht von Wissenschaftsminister Heinz Fischer)
Publications and Scientific films

Phone numbers of rooms

Rooms at Cell Imaging Lab

Room 1394 (Guests, Social room): +43-1-4277-57926

Room 1400 (Printer room): +43-1-4277-57927

Room 1403 (Chemistry Lab): +43-1-4277-57930

Room 1404/1405 (Soil Lab): +43-1-4277-57931

Room 1406 (Microscopy 1): +43-1-4277-57932

Room 1407 (Microscopy 2): +43-1-4277-57933

Room 1413 (Confocal 1): +43-1-4277-57935

Room 1412 (Confocal 2): +43-1-4277-57936

Room 1435 (Audio-visual equipment): +43-1-4277-57934

Rooms at Electron Microscopy Lab


Room 1044 (Corridor, central phone): +43-1-4277-57908

Room 1031 (Layout room): +43-1-4277-57909

Room 1045 (REM Philips XL30): +43-1-4277-57911

Room 1039 (TEM Zeiss 902): +43-1-4277-57912

Room 1040 (REM JEOL IT 300): +43-1-4277-57913

Room 1037 (TEM Libra 120): +43-1-4277-57914

Room 1010 (Cryofixation lab): +43-1-4277-57915