Developmental studies : Embryonic development, gland physiology, cell division, programmed cell death

This section concerns with issues of cell alterations during developmental processes (embryonic development, cyclic tissue degradation) and with the high diversity of several overlapping, genetically triggered developmental cell death strategies in diverse animal groups.



Further Diploma Theses (without project)

  • Mag. Sabine Adam (2006): Cyclic degeneration in Chthamalus stellatus (Crustacea, Cirripedia, Thoracica). 
  • Mag. Rainer Gith (2008): Changes of different tissue types during the metamorphosis of Semibalanus balanoides (Crustacea, Cirripedia), elucidated by the method of point counting. 
  • Sylvia Nürnberger (2002): Semibalanus balanoides (Linn. 1767, Crustacea, Cirripedia, Thoracica) – Morphological alterations in the different tissues during degeneration of the penis.