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Master thesis


Pröts Philip – Integrative Zoology / Supervisor Thomas Schwaha

Clemens Brenner – Integrative Zoology / Supervisor Günther Pass

Dominik Reischl – Integrative Zoology / Supervisor Günther Pass

Goldermann Sven – Integrative Zoology / Supervisor Günther Pass

Paredes Gabriela – Ecogenomics and Systems Biology / Supervisor Silvia Bulgheresi



Mayerhofer Werner  - Research network "Chemistry meets Microbiology" Supervisor Andreas Richter

Pfeifer Kevin - Department of Ecogenomics and Systems / Supervisor Christa Schleper

David Seki – Dome / Supervisor Hannes Schmidt

Pröts Philip – Integrative Zoology / Supervisor Thomas Schwaha

Clemens Brenner – Integrative Zoology / Supervisor Günther Pass

Pinterich Elisabeth – Integrative Zoology / Supervisor Harald Krenn

Dominik Reischl – Integrative Zoology / Supervisor Günther Pass

Goldermann Sven – Integrative Zoology / Supervisor Günther Pass

Kölbl Denise – Institute of Biophysical Chemistry, Supervisor Tetyana Milojevic

Paredes Gabriela – Ecogenomics and Systems Biology / supervisor Silvia Bulgheresi



Mayerhofer Werner  - Research network "Chemistry meets Microbiology"

Pfeifer Kevin - Department of Ecogenomics and Systems

Katrin Diensthuber  - Integrative Zoology / supervisor Harald Krenn

Bianca Matulik - Integrative Zoology / supervisor Harald Krenn

David Seki – Dome / supervisor Hannes Schmidt

Elisabeth Pinterich - Integrative Zoology / supervisor Harald Krenn

Clara Bader Integrative Zoology / supervisor Harald Krenn

Kutlucinar Kaan – Biophysical Chemistry / supervisor Tetyana Milojevic

Klocker Andrea – Dome / supervisor Eichorst Stephanie

Sammer Magdalena – Integrative Zoology / supervisor Gerhard Steiner

Pröts Philip – Integrative Zoology / Supervisor Thomas Schwaha



Dietrich Marlies - Research network "Chemistry meets Microbiology"

Gabriel Raphael - Research network "Chemistry meets Microbiology"

Kolar Ingrid – Department of Limnology and Oceanography



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PhD thesis

Maria Pinto – Marine Biology/ Supervisor Gerhard Herndl, 2016-2018

Kallus Sebastian – Inorganic Chemistry/ Working Group Keppler, 2017

Imminger Stephanie – DOME, 2017

Schneider Sebastian - Department of Ecogenomics and Systems Biology, 2017

Anne-Sarah Ganske – NHM Vienna, 2017

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Jahnel Stefan - Department of Integrative Zoology, 2015-2016 

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Strasser Florian - Research network "Chemistry meets Microbiology", 2015

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