Carnivorous plants and their ecological environment

One of our main research topics is focused on ecological aspects of wetlands and moors. Due to the deficiency of nutrients, many plants in this habitat have developed mechanisms to extract proteins from animals and insects. Leaves have been transformed into special traps but the mechanisms of nutrient uptake and transport in the plant remain to be clarified. In Drosera sp., we have developed a method to describe the uptake of animal protein (endocytosis, membrane permeation). Now, we are able to investigate other carnivorous plants in this respect. Furthermore, diploma and PhD students investigate additional ecological aspects like the interaction of fauna and flora within the physical-geochemical conditions of moors.


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  • Protokarnivore Pflanzen in Österreich: Ökologie und Physiologie des Insektenfangs und der Aufnahme von tierischen Nährstoffen in möglicherweise fleischfressenden Pflanzen
    Project of the Austrian Academy of Sciences to I. Lichtscheidl (2004-2006

  • Symbionts in the Traps of Carnivorous Pitcher Plants: Who Needs Whom?
    Hochschuljubiläumsfonds; W. Adlassnig and M Peroutka (2006-2007