Cytomorphology and motility of organelles

The studies in this field shall improve our understanding for the role of the cytoplasm, its organelles and the cytoskeleton during cell wall formation and tip growth.

Projects                    Publications                    Theses


  • Advanced optical tracing to unravel the cellular transport mechanism of an immune-gene therapy approach for cancer
    Establishment of interdisciplinary research networks (IRNF) at the Faculty of Life Sciences to Lang, I and Ogris, M, Topic: “Immune-gene therapy appproach for cancer”, 18 months, start January 2017
  • Growth and development of elongated tip-growing plant cells 
    TIPNET project HPRN-CT-2002-00265; Irene Lichtscheidl (2002-2005)
  • Dynamics in pollen tube growths 
    Hochschuljubiläumsfonds; Irene Lichtscheidl (2005-2007)

  • Microscopy of living cells
    ÖAD/SAIA; Irene Lichtscheidl, Dalibor Stys (2012-2015)