Microscopy of living cells
ÖAD/SAIA; Irene Lichtscheidl, Dalibor Stys (2012-2015)

Partners plan to continue their cooperation in high resolution and time-lapse microscopy. The Czech partner (nh) carries competence in image analysis, cultivation of eukaryotic cells and experiment design. The Austrian partner (univie) has long tradition in high-definition microscopy of living cells and maintains several techniques which carry high potential. The Czech partner is currently finalizing a novel unique microscope combining the high-resolving video-enhanced microscopy with new mechanical elements enabling x-y-z scanning.The goal of this project is to bring into practical use the results of the last year and prepare joint research projects and to perform training in complementary technologies and introduce certain techniques in laboratories of both partners. The project is also focused to education of students and the research staff.